Friday, August 04, 2006

Field Trip Group Photo

Courtesy of classfellow H.G.H.

Class Presentations Post: A Resource

The post I've maintained containing your Individual Presentations was designed to be a good research resource for specific details related to Modernism - hopefully a Help as you work on your term papers, due August 8th in my department mailbox.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Eveleyn Waugh's Prophecy

Adam Fenwyck-Symes, writing as "Mr. Chatterbox" creates a person -- Mrs. Andrew Quest -- in his column for the sole purpose of writing gossip about her. In 1930, when Waugh wrote Vile Bodies, this was high satire.
It is now real-life.
Sony pays $1.5m over fake critic.
A judge has finalised a settlement in which film studio Sony will pay $1.5m (£850,000) to film fans after using a fake critic to praise its movies. In 2001, ads for films including Hollow Man and A Knight's Tale quoted praise from a reviewer called David Manning, who was exposed as being invented.