Monday, November 07, 2005

Britain's Poppy Day

To follow-up the query raised in seminar: the British equivalent of Remembrance Day is Poppy Day - so my memory held up well there. It is not a "Statutory Holiday" (i.e. Bank Holidays in Britain,) but rather it is honoured the nearest Sunday with a Church memorial service. This is equivalent to Harvest Festival, which Canadians celebrate as "Thanksgiving Day;" adding a "statutory holiday" that uses the British time of year but the American name.
More cases, by the bye, of Canada creeping steadily away from Britain and toward the United States ....
Nb: in recent years, Britain has introduced a two minutes silence on November 11th, when all offices, government, factories, schools, &c, are encouraged to volutarily observe two minutes silence at 11:00 am in memoriam.

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RW said...

Although Remembrance day is a statutory holiday Canada is supposed to observe a minute of silence at 11:11 am on Remembrance day. I know that for the last 8 years BC gymnastics has been holding a high performance camp the weekend of Remembrance day for its male athletes and we always stop to observe the minute of silence.